In recent years we have witness a major transformation in the approach people from the township have towards poverty and unemployment. Young South Africans have ‘Vuka Uzenzele’ approach. But this approach and zest for greatness dimmers down so quickly because the tools meant to assist in making this light shine brighter are mismanaged. Or these township individuals are misinformed about the availability of them and how to access them. This then raises the question how can the success ratio of uninformed township aspirant increase if they are issued limited information about the same that is supposed to nature and grow them.

To be a success entrepreneurial story in your township you need a stroke of calculated risk.

Becoming That One In A Million

In Every narrative outcome, there is an author, who controls the situation from beginning till end. The journey into entrepreneurship should be taken as a narrative, planning every detail of the story and knowing whether or not sequel is a possibility. Some people call it luck but I call it a stroke of calculated luck because you have prepared for the unseen and have also prepared for possible delays. When you take full responsibility of the steering wheel I your entrepreneurial mobile then you will be those individuals that are defined as lucky.

Make your own luck, Google, bore people with many questions and read as much as possible even when you go to a government department that is infested with individuals who do not know the true essence of service delivery you are able to help yourself or even help them. Because many act ignorant but they just don’t know the real answer to that which you need assistance with.

But Government and Its Department Host Frequent Information Sharing


Many in in South African townships attend these meeting that are hosted by government department on how to get a tender to how to acquire funding from state funds. But in these events you find two groups those who aspirants and those who have been doing tenderpreneur thing for quite some time.

So now we then face a dilemma of jargon used. Thus create advantage for those who have been in the business for quite some time. Thus it is important as mentioned above to forever educate yourself because those who have the resources will not give you ABC when Google has everything. So educating yourself gives you advantage in the tough entrepreneurial field.


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