SMME Thursday Tip Day On Creating Brand Awareness

Marketing is one of the most necessary but costly items on any business budget. Small businesses don’t even do marketing because they are trying to avoid the cost. But since the social media revolution, businesses do not have an excuse – they can be out there.

But when marketing on social media one needs to be vigilant of the content because social media marketing can build or break your business. You need to make sure it is done properly.

Here are some tips on creating brand awareness through visible (free) marketing:


Marketing is a conversation, you cannot say you are conversing but cannot define and pinpoint clearly the audience. When you know your audience it becomes easier to communicate with them – your loyal customer/client/current or prospective.


Social media has become one of the greatest tools of our time. This tool has given small businesses a platform where they can showcase their businesses and products. It is vital that you have an active social presence. Being active on social media leads to gaining followers. Followers mean visibility and if you are visible that means people are aware of your brand. When people are aware of your brand they start associating with it and this means loyal consumers. And it is every entrepreneur and business’s dream to have loyal customers.


Even though you are working with no budget at all, it doesn’t mean you must feed your consumers mediocre content. If you are going to put out content, be sure it is high quality so that your brand is only associated with such quality.


The biggest mistake some big and small businesses make when marketing their business, is to include comparisons with the competition.

That is a big NO. Why give your competitor airtime on your platform. Start telling your customers and clients about the unique elements of your product. Introduce the overall product but emphasise the elements that make your product unique and capture your clients.


Another way of ensuring your community knows about your business is by taking part in local initiatives. Associate your brands with preferred social initiatives. Consumers have a soft spot for humanised brands. (These could include school sport days) or even work with schools, giving parents of certain schools discounts on items that is also a form of brand awareness.

Don’t isolate your business from the community you want to do business with. Make your business part of the community. Through this you will gain loyal customers.

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