When watching someone doing something that they love, it is easy to be fooled into thinking as a bystander that you will be able to do what they are doing with ease. Many people started their entrepreneurial journeys trying to copy other people and thinking that they can do what Clawd/Thando is doing. This is one of the main problems currently hindering growth in many township businesses. If the successful Zondo family made their success through taxis, the whole location will thrive towards that. In recent years we have seen a market of caterers, in every street corner there is a family that does catering and this makes the market not as profitable as it should.

Here are some tips on how to break away from this circle and approach your entrepreneurial journey with an open mind that allows collaboration and synergies.

Everyone can be a customer

Sometimes when looking and studying a market we tend to neglect search really look into the market. The companies or small businesses in that market need service. Your job as an entrepreneur is to find that product they need and be their service provider.

So as a small business or start entrepreneur it is advisory to not jump into an already occupied market, bringing consumers an already available product.

Instead of being the same as everyone else, make everyone else want to be you by being the gateway to all customers. Business in this modern age should not be viewed as a two-way stream be the invisible middleman that brings people together.

Find ground in your background

Owning your community is not always easy. Some people say it is but locals are more receptive to outside products then homegrown products.

That is not the entrepreneur’s fault nor the consumers but rather the fault of a system that categorized certain areas as elite and the places capable of such production.

It is now up to an entrepreneur to find ways to shift this mindset. But during the process, you have to realize that a lot of time and money was invested to ensure the mindset have permanent marks.

So you as an entrepreneur you will have to work hard to scrub off the idea from the customer’s memory.

When embarking on the quest know that:

  • It will take long
  • It will seem like a waste of time
  • You will feel useless
  • Quoting would be so easy and every day you will be challenged

But remember one thing when all those easy ways outcome to you, the township economy is larger and bigger than any economy or market in the country.

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