Entrepreneurship is the greatest assistant when it comes to ensuring a country’s economic status is strong enough to compete in the global arena. Usually the part of ensuring that the economic status of a country is in good condition or standing, citizens wait upon the government. In this day and age as a generation equipped with all sort of modern technology we should refuse to be on the side-line when it comes to building a strong economy. To change this out-dated narrative Thriving.Network has created an app that has consolidated tools that necessary in the journey of entrepreneurship.

So let breakdown what each and every segment of Thriving.Network is about and how it will assist you as an entrepreneur in becoming a prosperous entrepreneur.

Connect: Entrepreneur/Mentee can find a mentor that is from the same discipline as him/her.

Thriving TV: An online TV channel, a visual resource destination for prospective and established entrepreneurs alike.

Thriving Magazine: A digital and print magazine for start-ups, small business and the entrepreneurial culture serving as a resource book in which entrepreneurs gain extensive and timeless business knowledge on how to start, maintain and grow their businesses.

Market Place: An online market place where businesses can advertise, list and sell their products and services

Thriving Rewards: This is a reward system that thriving users can received and is redeemable at the different outlets and stores listed on the segment.

Thriving Podcast: An entrepreneur can listen to our produced podcasts with success business people.

Thriving resources: Documentation that will assist new, young entrepreneurs with daily running of a business. These documents will range from financial statements to ordinary simple organizational daily documents.


Be Featured: Be Featured is a segment on the Thriving.Network App that gives entrepreneurs of all levels the opportunity to be featured on Thriving Magazine. Be Featured answers to Thriving.Networks mission which is to showcase and share Southern African entrepreneurial success stories.

Download the app on Google App Store and Apple App Store and be part of the entrepreneurial revolution.

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